Friday Night

I'm currently at Temerloh, Pahang. Feeling good. Eating cadbury while reading Galaxie Mags. Hehe. So yeah. I'm honestly tired of staying in the car. The best part is I get to stuff the earphones in my ears. 

Tues - Head to Kemaman
Wed - Head to KL
Thurs - Head to Temerloh
Fri - Head to Gambang and Kemaman
Sat - HOME

Oh my, what a journey, eh?

Yeah. Park Shin Hye in You've Fallen For Me. She looks so sweet. I've been looking for that blue, plain dress like, forever. Oh my God. I've finally found it at Berjaya Times Square.

 I just love Korean/Chinese/Japanese FASHION. It is so elegant yet so sweet. FYI, I even found a jacket that Yoon Eun Hye wore in Lie To Me. I feel like wanna stay in that mall, forever. Heaven.

p/s: Don't remind me about school, please. Let me enjoy this moment. Heh.

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