Trouble Maker

I just watched TROUBLE MAKER music vid by HYUN SEUNG and HYUNA.

I still can't believe that among all of the BEAST members, Seungie gets to collaborate with Hyuna as a TROUBLE MAKER.

I am HAPPY for him.

I just can't believe he KISSED her during a performance.

I am extremely flabbergasted. I can't stop thinking about them. Haish.

But I can't resist the fact that they look extremely HOT.

Hello, December., what a surprise, huh?

HyunSeung and Hyuna? As TROUBLE MAKER?

Hot. Hot.

p/s: Hyuna., at first, you were in AJ (Beast) - dancing shoes MV, then in your vid Change with Jun Hyung (Beast) and now with Hyun Seung (Beast) in Trouble Maker. Whoa. I am anticipated for what's next.


stroberilover.. said...

its been a long time eh..haha..eksaited 2 see u write again..=)

WanNur said...

yeah. almost 2 months or so. The thing is., the internet cable was stolen..., T_T up until now it has not been fixed.

I'm using my bro's broadband for now.