What I LOVE about Korea's Fashion *Part 1*

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So, I might seem a bit harsh when I'm speaking to you, the way I walk might seem less and far from girlish, but HEY, I'm in fact a GIRL. I probably love punk music, but I also love killer heels. I probably love to wear BLACK, but my fave is always PINK. Haha. Girls are always girls.

So., I am inspired by Korean fashion. Their style is not that Kawaii like in Japan, but there's something about their style that makes me attracted. You know like, KILLER HEELS, their stylish OUTFITS and all that. Killer heels are not originally from Korea, but, I was introduced to Killer heels from Korea, lol. And to my surprise, I was willing to waste my money for a pair of heels which is not even suitable for a sixteen-year-old girl like me. But hey, SO HYUN (4Minute) is like ONE year older than me and she does perform with killer heels (15cm!) most of the time.

So, these are KILLER HEELS. You don't expect me to put on this, right? Haha. No way.

4Minute with their awesome heels! love it.

Hyuna (4Minute) with her casual style. Gotta love her boots. Source: ALLKPOP.

I bought my heels yesterday (no, not killer heels) and yeah, I put on that heels instantly. I was like, "Oh God, I might sprained my ankle, today," "Why are they looking at me? Do I look like a fool trying to step in with these heels?" "Mom, wait for me! Why am I so SLOW?" "Step by step, girl. Don't fall," and finally......................................

I kept the heels back into the box and put on my ballet flats. Damn it. I couldn't handle the heels. I wasn't used to heels that HIGH. So, I gotta practice because I'm currently used with wedges (which are so COMFY!).

But the heels seem so SOPHISTICATED + ELEGANT.

P/S: I'm wondering, how do ALL the kpop idols DANCE in those KILLER HEELS? I could hardly WALK in it. Practice. Yeah.

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