Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice #2

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I mentioned about FINGER KNITTING in previous entry, right? And I love doing it. Except that sometime it 'strangles' and 'chokes' my fingers. It's alright, as long as the result is perfect (to me). So, I can simply compromise with 'slow' blood circulation. 

It's so easy. It's like a therapy, at times. I put on my earpods, listen to Bridgit Mendler's songs through my iPod and keep my focus on my fingers. That's it. By the way, I might just curse under my breath during the process, because yeah, how are we going to learn if we do not make mistake?

It started with nothingness, actually. There was nothing interesting to do, much. Until I found this :

When I was 15, I taught the participants of English Workshop to make a FRIENDSHIP BRACELET using those. Those are leftovers, like, A LOT. 

So I googled on HOW TO KNIT. And I don't have two knit needles. So I attempted two PENS as needles, but of course, I failed. Then I found out that we can just knit using our HANDS or fingers, to be exact. Kids can simply do this (based on what I read on Google). Why couldn't we? So, why not, right? It's official, finger knitting is in the LIST of things to do after SPM.

I am left-handed. That makes my left hand as my dominant hand. So, I'm knitting on my right hand!  Let's see the outcomes of these finger knitting!

It's my waist, by the way. I'm using this as a BELT on my plain blouse!

I'm going to create a CURTAIN. Can't wait. Can't wait. Remember girls, we're sugar, spice and everything nice. 


Liyana Othman said...

This is really cool, don't forget to show the curtain once it's done! :))

Demona72 said...

yeahhh. I just simply love it (:

It's done, actually! Coming soon ~