For the Fourth Time

Can you believe it? Today is OUR 4th performance. Yeah. 4th. Heaven yeah, SPEECH CHOIR, it is.

  1. The Speech Choir Competition at LeBest.
  2. Teacher's Day at OUR school (TMCS).
  3. TTC (Kuala Terengganu) in conjunction with SEM.
  4. Today! At our SCHOOL for the TMESA thingy.

I got tired of doing those performance. Know what? When I went to Penang for 2 days, our team were practicing for this performance. And I was informed YESTERDAY that we were going to perform TODAY. Make things worse, I had to find BLACK SKIRT. And yeah, I don't even have that one. So, I borrowed my mom's skirt.

Our performance was pretty great, I guess. I must say that we didn't do our best during our 3rd performance.

So yeah, today is sort of great. The audience (TMESA - Tengku Mahmud Ex-Students) smiled, clapped, recorded our performance, and one of them said 'WELL DONE'. Those are enough to proof that we did really well. *Proud*

Too bad, not all members of our team came to perform today. Aishh. We were stressed out because the absence members have their own parts. Thank God I decided to attend to show that I'm supporting our team.

Haha. On the way home after the performance. Listening to Jojo - Back Words.

BTW, this 21st, I will head to PULAU REDANG. The choosen students (with great achievements), English Language Club members and English Drama Team are the ones who will go there as well. I am presenting English Language Club and too bad, only 3 members can make it. The rest are busy with other important stuff (form 3 and form 5).

Wait. I still remember that PULAU REDANG is the place where Dyan and I dream to travel to. Thank God, I have the chance to make it becomes true. What about you, Dyan? I heard you did last year, but I'm not sure.

p/s: I am getting confused with my feeling. I can't tell you why. But I am.


Anonymous said...

aauuch terasa. haha

WanNur said...

Kak Salma., silekan terasa., hahahaha.