100. I love dancing. And blame BoA for that.

This is my 100th post, peeps! Woah.

Lots of things happened for the past months. B2ST fan meeting at Sunway Lagoon, and I couldn't attend that one. B2ST came to Malaysia for the 3rd time and I could only stared at them through videos. They will someday come again for the 4th time due to the MTV WORLD'S STAGE. Dammit. Why they LOVE coming to Malaysia? It hurts me because no matter what, I wouldn't be able to attend it. I just want to see HyunSeung right in front of my eyes. He's my 3rd Inspiration to dance., lol. And the whole members of B2ST prove me the REAL talents.

So, if HyunSeung is my 3rd inspiration........who's the 1st one? BoA?


The truth is, my MOM. Yeah, she's kind of dancing too. I still remember when I was little, around 6 or something, she took me to her school (primary school). She asked me to follow her students (girls) dance to TRADITIONAL dancing. The students were practicing and I was trying to follow their moves. Unfortunately, I FAILED. Yes, I FAILED. I'm so stiff to follow the gracefulness of the dancers.

But, now, you see, I'm so INTO dancing. Well, except the TRADITIONAL DANCING. My mom was once teaching her students dancing. In fact, her student was a form5 student at my school last year. So, I think, I got to know little things about dancing it all thanks to my mom.

So, my 2nd inspiration? Hell yeah. BoA it is.

Trust me, if I did not watch her vid 'EAT YOU UP', I wouldn't even care to learn cool dancing moves through YouTube. So, I watched the vid when I was 14 and started to learn the choreography. Yeah, it's only been 2 YEARS and a half since I started dancing. As a matter of fact, I'm too lazy to learn new choreography nowadays. I just too lazy.

If I want to get motivation, I just click on BoA's Vids. She's such an inspiration. Her moves are natural enough to impress me. She's born to DANCE. And to SING as well. The fact that her height is only 160cm makes me feel good about myself.

Few snapshots on her vid, EAT YOU UP:

Does anyone know where I could get BoA's awesome outfits in the EAT YOU UP vid? The 'Skull' sweater is super cool! It'll be perfect if I own this one! Haissh.

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