ETA Programme

Miss Kelly's Mom and me..,

ETA (English Teaching Assistant), well yeah, my school has ETA from America, Miss Kelley. Yeah, it's great you know when the ETA remembers my name and she pronounces my name like, ONE-KNOW. Cool.

So, this time there's a programme where several girls (more than 10 actually) from form 4 go to a school (SK Padang Landak) to teach the kids about English. Mostly, it's not ALL about English, because the KIDS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN. So, yeah, the 'girls' (I mean, us) have to make English seems FUN. But, it is FUN indeed.

My team got to teach the kids from STANDARD 6. Okay, I was nervous, like seriously. But, it was turned out to be pretty cool.

At first, when we entered their class, they seemed QUIET. We all have to speak English, and the kids seemed hard to understand what we're trying to say. Yeah, the kids weren't that good in English, so that's why we were there, helping them. But, after 30 minutes, they started to become super hyperactive and super friendly. And it was great! It all thanks to a FUN game that Atikah provided.

The kids were totally sweet. They're not even RUDE like kids nowadays. I mean, the juniors. No offense. They approached us when we were eating after the class over and they ate with us as well. At the end of the class, they kissed our hands. And that's soooo polite and sweet. Plus, they even asked our phone numbers! lol. And I still remember one of the girls helped me holding my water bottle because I was struggling with speakers. She just happened to volunteer to help me. I guess that's so nice.

Let's feast your eyes with these cute kids. Well, they're not kids, they're 12. But still, yeah, kids, I assume.

Body Language game. Yeah. That's Tikah, lol.

Can you spot Fina? I bet you can tell she's form 4 just by looking at her, lol.

Still in the game. And I suddenly interfere. haha.

Haha. Peace yo.

She's Intan. Yeah, she's 16. She looks damn cute like 12-year-old girl.

Introducing, Fina! ;)

The song lyrics~ You see~

Oh, kids. Please don't get bored. Haha.

Miss Kelly interfered to help us. We got nothing more to do.

We're DANCING to NOBODY by WONDER GIRL. Can you believe it?

This little boy looks like he's CHINESE. Nah, he's not. Still cute, though.

Innocent kids. Hahah.

This kid stands so close to me just to peek at my laptop, lol. Aish. So, I snap his pic. Done.

Guess I'm the TALLEST one. hoho. *Proud*.., Hey FINA, you look like you're 12. Just saying. haha.

Yeah, LOVE you too. I can't believe I'm saying this.


Hahahaaa. Calm down, kid. You're so hyperactive, today.

Guess what are they wearing on their head? Uhm. Even I don't know. Ask Intan.

Okaay. Last pic. These are ALL the 'TEACHERS' on that day. We're happy for creating great memories.

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