How does it feel to win?

It's a late update. Yeah. We've won da SPEECH CHOIR COMPETITION. Yeah, we're da NUMBER ONE, lol. We're freakin' WON. Can you believe it? Never thought our team is da BEST one. Hahaha. Do you know how does it feel to WIN? Oh, damn, It feels super great. It was awesome. Finally, my 'mission' is perfectly done.

I've met several friends there. It was kinda cool.

Well, I was totally nervous before our performance, I mean, like, SERIOUSLY. So, I listen to some good music and imagine myself dancing on a stage, lol. I could hardly believe it turned out to be pretty great. Cool, cool.

Credit: Scha
So, we are all smiling and laughing like no one's watching.

Me, Pka.

Me and Pka are bragging our MEDALS, lol. What's not to like about winning?

p/s: Tomorrow, I'm gonna go to Penang and KL, yo. And the ENGLISH DRAMA COMPETITION is damn around the corner. Know what? It's not damn easy to secure any ROLES in the English Drama. We have to fight for it. Finally, no more obstacles, that role is perfectly mine. hoho.


peace,love& said...

whaa???dat its??i need 2 c mor pics of u guys..haha..cyezly,,im totally angry wif u guys..x aci tol!!huhu..congr8s once again..*sigh*..

WanNur said...

why should u angry?? ape yg x aci? uhm., just wondering.., more pics on fb. I dun bring da camera, laa. so, I dun hav da pics. Don't blame me. huh.