Speech Choir, fighting!

Okay. Speech choir. What is that? It's definitely not CHORAL SPEAKING. Nope. I'm not telling you. You have to see it yourself on this MONDAY. Okay, I'm quite nervous because I'm afraid I might forget some script and mess up the whole thing. Let's just be POSITIVE.

Honestly, I'm hoping that time would fly fast and then it will over so that I could start to study now. You know, I get tired of practicing most of the time, but for the school's sake, I just go with it. It's been almost 2 MONTHS of practice. Every weekend, I become damn LAZY to study and decide to rest instead. And that shows how much I'm bad at time management. Exam is like, damn near.

SPEECH CHOIR = Practice + Skipping classes + Exhausted + Nervous

We'll see, the result of my sacrifice. I mean, OUR sacrifices. Form3 and form 5 students are all willing to skip classes for the sake of SPEECH CHOIR. I'm appreciated that, yo.

Now, I wanna reveal our team!

p/s: GOOD LUCK, for us! Btw, I have a HUGE mission for this one. It's called a REVENGE. Watch out!

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