MAG INC stands for MAGAZINE INCORPORATION (I guess. haha). THE STAR (Ya know, the newspaper, lah) organized this competition every year to encourage student writing English and all that. And so, this year I'm IN for this competition again, lol. I lost FANA and ECAH, but I still have PKA. Our new members are Qurratu and sis Dini. Okay. So, we're aiming high because we already have experienced. But still, this year, it's not gonna be easy, lah. All of a sudden, lotta students are interested in being a part of this competition and I was like.......what?? Oh, God. Dang it. This time, we gotta work harder, I guess.

Sooo, I went to a MAG INC WORKSHOP last Tuesday, (yeah, I was damn lazy to update, yo) and yeah, gotta show off some pics. But I didn't manage to snap pics during the workshop because I was sitting in the front, so, ya know...,

Wee Nop is acting all shy when I capture this one, haha.

Wee Nop is enjoying his very first moment in Pizza Hut, lol. Aish, this kiddo.

Whoa. I know. COMOT. Haha.

Me, Michelle. (:

p/s: Lotta things will come soon! Whoa. I'm getting excited. For now, MUSIC helps me keeping myself energetic, lol. For now, I'm so into BOA. She's inspiring. Hah.

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