4 April 2011

Me, Qurratu.

Happy Birthday, babe. Yeah, and so, we've been best/good friends since we were like, 13. In 1 Ibnu Majah.

I still remember, the first time we talked, and you said, "You're Wan Nur Syahirah, right? May I sit beside you?" (Okay. I edit this one. haha.) And I knew that your intention was not because you wanna sit next to me, but because you wanna stay close to your friend, Wan Nur Syahirah (same name with me, lol). I was pretty disappointed because you didn't communicate with me as much as you did with her. But then, after she went to Mrsm Terengganu, we started to get closer.

I love the fact that you often share your problems and stories with me. It's pretty cool.

So, yeah. We're now sixteen. (Officially 16!). Most of our good friends were all leaving us, but, I'm really glad that you're willing to stay. I fee like, Thank God for not letting her go. Haha. So, thank you.

I gotta wish you.......... Live a happy life. If there's a guy breaks your heart, tell me. Well, I can't hurt him, but at least I could hate him as much as you do. Hahahaha. Strive for straight A's. I know you can. You super smart lah. Don't be so humble. It makes me feel bad about myself. Haha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And I heart you. You know you can have my heart anytime. Haha.

p/s: Hey peeps, Qurratu even danced with me on da stage on da TALENT SHOW 2010. It was super cool. (:

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