Long Live, TREES!

Step-by-step. And pufff..., the tree appears. haha.

Yeah, yeah. Since when I've turned GREENIE, heh? It's just that, yesterday, the ENGLISH LANGUAGE SOCIETY had planted 3 TREES! Fatin, thanks for da great idea last year, it was AWESOME, lah! Around 3, I rushed to plant the trees. When it was 3.30 p.m. I ran towards the hall to practice English Drama. Okay, then it was 4.30 p.m. so, I went to practice SPEECH CHOIR. Whoaaa. Now you see how busy I am lately. It was a BLAST, but, I love it, lol.

So, you see, WHY AM I WEARING THIS RED T-SHIRT AGAIN, lol?? Ok, I just HAD to wear that one, not that I want to.

We got our hands dirty, bumped with frog, worm (which Amirul said it was a little snake and I was like, NO WAY) and laughing with such bright smiles (Oh. you can see our huge grins, lol) I gotta give a BIG clap to Sis Dini. She's like, da one who organize this one and apparently not me (Though I'm da president, lol). Thanks for willing to sacrifice your time, Sis!

Gotta brag some pics (behind da scenes, yo). And I combined few related pics so that this post won't be damn long. I keep it simple and short. Haha.

Look. What kind of president am I? Standing there, doing nothing. Aish. Sis Dini is da one who gestures PEACE, lol.

Okay. So, now yeah. The president is SHOWING OFF her ability. lol.

See? We're just doing our thing. Never thought planting TREE would be this fun, yo. GIRL POWER!

The ONLY boys. Yeah. Only two.(From left to right) Amir and Amirul. But, only Amirul da member of this club. Amir is just helping snapping pics and stuff. Cool.

Long live, trees! I wonder how come my SMILE is damn huge? Haha. Am I getting chubbier or what?

Okay. So, I guess, I gotta say THANK YOU, guys. For making this happen. English Language Club is da COOLEST club ever! I would never regret to be a part of this. Never.
See you on the next meeting, lol.

p/s: If you want some R&B, listen to KEYSHIA COLE - TAKE ME AWAY. She sounds like MARIAH CAREY here, just saying.


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

hye there !
sorry. i couldn't find a shout box here.
so, i hope you don't mind in write it here.

it has been a while, right?
okay. a LONG while.

form 4 dah skang.
rase mcm baru jek mule2 kenal dulu.
form 1 or 2, i guess.

wondering how you found my blog? :D

oke. all the best.
stadi molek.

WanNur said...

yeah. I was form1 when we were in da choir team.
well, I found ur blog thru a junior blog (she's form3)...,,
And yeah, I don't really prefer to create a shout box, I don't no why, but, I just DON'T. Haha.
Thanks. You, too, good luck in everything you do in ur life, :D