Say Yeah

So, yeah. Speech Choir. And I'm tired. English Drama. Uhm. I'm hoping that the role is perfectly mine. Mag Inc. Yeah, again, this year. President of English Club. Whoa, I have to organize the activity for next meeting........uhmmmm. Study. I don't have time. Homework. The only thing that I could complete.

Say YEAH to speech choir, english drama, Mag Inc, English Club and EXAM! God, I'm tired. I'm sleepy. I'm exhausted. But, I'm doing all these things because I LOVE it. So, no regret.

p/s: I miss my friends. I feel damn LONELY. Super lonely. My life is EMPTY. The only thing I have is my commitment towards all those things. But still, I MISS THEM, A LOT. T_T

Me, emotionless. Staring dreamily. Looking kinda tired.

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