So Far So Great

Perhaps It was not really bad that I made a decision not to enroll in boarding school and all that. Yeah, I just could feel it since last year when most of my friends were damn SERIOUS wanna get outta TMS. Well, I don't wanna start all over again. It's pretty tiring, you know. Yeah, PERHAPS the future of certain students might become 'brighter' if they enroll in boarding school, but, hey, CHANCES ARE EVERYWHERE. If the school you're staying is super GOOD, that doesn't make you good as well if you don't work hard, you know. But yeah, the ATMOSPHERE might influence you, right?

Yeah, TRUST yourself. I trust mine. You?

So far, I managed to get into SPEECH CHOIR team. Yeah, I had to go through the audition. I had to SING for crying out loud. Can you guess which song did I sing? BEAST? No. DEMI LOVATO? No. PARAMORE? Yeah. The only exception, haha.

You know, I hate it when I get that SOLO part, because I'll catch myself nervous with plenty butterflies in my stomach when my part is getting nearer. It's just that, I really really dislike that kind of feel. But still, it was absolutely COOL, lah, when we're all practicing. Laughing without reason and all that. Haha.

Not to mention, I also managed to get into PERBAHASAN team. Yeah, it's PERBAHASAN, not DEBATE., So, yeah, in Malay. But, there was once sis Dini said that we had to go for the ENGLISH DEBATE audition (mainly, because she mentioned my name) and I was like, "What?? No." I really really bad in debating with someone especially when it comes to spontaneous. I was not interested. And Thanks God, I was not even heard anything about the audition till now. Yeah, the DEBATE team won, anyway, without me. Haha.

Wait. I got into PERBAHASAN team instead. Aish. I can't believe this. I thought I was succeed in running away from that kind of 'SPONTANEOUS' stuff, but, I didn't. Somehow, I was not in the MAIN team that will enter the competition, but, I will enter that one NEXT YEAR. Form 5 students are the main team. My other four friends are also in the team for next year. Too bad, this year, the team lose. But, it's alright. My other FOUR friends will fight till the end next year! Plus, we have a strategy on order to win. Haha.

And yeah, I'm the English Club president, with only 7 VOTES. Haha. My birthday is on 7 February, so I consider 7 is my LUCKY NUMBER. Haha. Becoming the president isn't easy, trust me. I have to gain trust from the teacher and the members. This thing makes me nervous, once again. Aish.

I'm pretty glad that I have those commitment so that my life in TMS won't be so damn boring.

Wait. I forgot to tell you that the EXAM was over. But, I was kinda disappointed, because it was not my best. Study, LAST MINUTE, again. I really have to change my 'habit' of studying because it doesn't really work. Girl, you're 16, not 15. Trust me, transforming from form 3 to form 4 is really A BIG DEAL. It's totally tough. I'll work hard. If I'm not working hard, somebody please remind me about my NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. Hahaha.

Yeah, it's an update of my life in TMS, yo. 4M, fighting!


TalkingKeyboard said...

i'm trying to be a president of ELS too. and i went through debate audition but still dunno if i manage to get into the team. wish me luck. ♥ u.

WanNur said...

You can do it! Sure you can,. lah! Do your best. Enjoy your life, there..,, =)

!ced Aisyah said...

Wah! Bestnya! Awak, Shezat, Qun saper sorang lagi?
Anyway, congrats! Saya BANGGA dgn pencapaian kawan-kawan saya! ^_^

WanNur said...

me, shezat, Qu, syaidatul and liyana in a team!