FUTURE depends on us

Yeah. And so, now I know why I should study harder. I just happened to know. (It's not that I don't really know, but......,, hehe)

We (34 form4 students) went to a place where we were exposed with those things like UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES and all that. Yeah. It shouldn't be us who were supposed to attend that event, but the form5 students were the ones who should! We just had no idea. Somehow, I regretted NOTHING.
It was really worth it.

I really really want a better future to someday happen.
I've been longing to own a great career and achieve my dream. I don't wanna let go and have to do all the things that I don't like.

money is honey. But, money isn't everything, because if you don't have passion in your own job, you'll still feel stressful no matter how high your income is. Come on. Do what you like and everything will come naturally (including MONEY!)

And yeah,
I'm into English. I love English. But, I'm not saying I'm super GOOD in English or what. I'm interested in English, so I'm doing my best to brush up on my English. So far, there are always people out there who are damn better than me. So, I'm grading myself as AVERAGE level in English. And so, I'll try my best so that I could 'grab' TESL someday!

I'm talking about SCHOLARSHIP. People say, it's way easier to get scholarship if you manage to get into MRSM. Fine, then. Oh, great. And I'm not in MRSM. Sounds a bit pathetic, huh? Aish. ):

Alright. The 'ENTRY REQUIREMENT' for those universities that I'm interested in made my jaw dropped. Calm down. Calm down. So,
I guess that's why it is vitally important for me to study harder.

p/s: Well, I'm 16. I'm not 26 (Am I starting to talk like an adult?) It's just that, I'm feeling INSECURE about my future. I hate to depend on my parents. SIXTEEN YEARS (and a few more years) is enough. I don't wanna be a burden to the people I love. T_T

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