Once Again

I keep this one simple and short.

GOODBYE, Shezat. I don't really have anything to say, since I've said EVERYTHING that I want to during our trip to Kuala Terengganu.

It's just that, I feel extremely HAPPY for you because I know it's your DREAM for years. So, I won't possibly try to stop you or what. In fact, I want you to go.

Somehow, I feel deeply sad. Yeah. I won't have anybody to fold my problem to. Qurratu would always be my Best Friend, but, there's still something that I could share to you, but, not to her. I bet it's just the same as Qurratu and you, heh? So, yeah.

It would definitely affect my typical life in our class. And I'm serious. I know how does it feel when you're not there. I feel like, I couldn't speak those things that occur in my mind to whoever except YOU. Well, you might feel offended (by my words), but, YOU KNOW ME, heh?

And please accept my APOLOGY for hurting your feelings. I know I'm a bit sarcastic. Plus, I just speak directly without thinking more than twice (well, I think twice, anyway). Haha. And yeah, like what you said, I'm the KETUA PEMBANGKANG. Heaven yeah. I often deny other people's opinions. But, that doesn't mean that I'm telling my opinion is right. I'm just a person with a different way of thinking, maybe. So, please, if I hurted you using my words, I hope you are willing to forget it because I seldom say the things that I didn't mean.

Good Luck and Goodbye.
Go reach your dream.
Pick your shining star.
But, don't forget me.

p/s: Shezat, I order you to go to YOUTUBE. And, go listen to Avril Lavigne's GOODBYE. Pretend as if I'm the one who sings the song. Haha. But, no, the LYRICS are not even related. Just listen~

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