Our Times in Paper Towns

Hello there,

I'm still in exam week, and currently I'm preparing for the linguistic paper (which you know I'm NOT cause I'm blogging pfffff). 3 papers left before I get to end this third semester. 

I've always wanted to watch the movies Paper Town and Our Times and so I did. I expected Paper Towns to be lame because of its trailer lol (what's with the main guy obsessing over a girl, ugh, he's so delusional). Whereas I gave high expectation towards Our Times cause Valarie enthusiastically said that the Taiwan movie is not exactly Cliche' and there's something MORE than just typical high school love story.

Heck, expectation often leads to disappointment. 

Paper Towns is simply amazing. Infatuation might drives you to create a fantasy image of the girl/boy you like. But then again, at the end of the day, the person that you adore is just a HUMAN. And if you're hoping that your miracle/happiness begins when you meet your other half, you might be wrong. Your miracle might be right in front of you, but you left them unnoticed. In this movie (WARNING: SPOILER), the protagonist realizes that his miracle was not the girl, but his moments with his best friends (bromance alert). The ending was beautiful.

And Our Times? 

I like this scene (to the point I screenshot and edited it lol). There's a special connection right there, can't they see it? grrrr

Sadly, it's a typical boy-bullies-girl-ends-up-falling-for-each-other-but-it-was-too-late kind of movie. Few scenes were quite similar to the popular Thailand movie, First Love. I enjoyed the movie, yes, but I expected something more meaningful than just that. (WARNING: SPOILER) What does the main guy expect really? He confessed to the main girl right after he left, because he thought she was in love with another guy. He wanted her to be happy, huh. If you want her to be happy with another guy, why did u confess to her at the end, what's the point? Ugh. Was he blind? It was so obvious they were into each other. Gosh, it was so frustrating to watch those kind of movies. hahahahaha. 

Alright now excuse me, I drank too much Green Tea, therefore frequent visits to the toilet is a must.


A. said...

hahaha before this, tak faham2 pun kenapa ending PT tu macamtu (dan takleh terima pun) now that i've read yr review, terus jd macam "okok faham dah". haha gitoooo T^T

Syahirah Ruslan said...

Haha mesti nak Q ends up dgn Margo kann. I think they might be... in the future. Who knows? Hehe the moment Q pegi prom nite tu mcm so beautiful, he realizes that his miracles is .... his awesome friends.. not Margo :)