People take me seriously. I take people seriously. And worse, I take myself seriously. I even warned them that I am 'terlalu serius'. Yeah that sucks because when people make jokes, I take them seriously. And I refuse to laugh at stupid jokes (in other words, I wouldn't fake my laughs). God, I need to loosen up a bit. I need to learn how to wear a SMILE when I'm under pressure. Calm down girl. Calm down. Fuh.

Tomorrow, I have to catch a 8.30 AM flight to Penang :(
Time sure flies fast when I'm at home sobsssss

My new YT profile header~

So recently I've read a blog post from Anis. She's a good friend of mine. We used to form a dancing duo (HAHA) when we were both 15. Now she's studying International Relation at Aussie and I just met her last Tues (after 5 years OMG finally). She's an amazing writer so yeah, I wouldn't miss even a single blog post. Oh right, regarding her latest blog post, 'Essena's quitting social media', I admire her boldness at stating her point of view about it (I personally admire her last sentence *wink). I've read an article on the web about Essena before coming across Anis's blog post but I was never one of her Instagram/Youtube followers. I watched her video (where she announced her so-called quitting social media), watched her friends' responses and just now I watched Bribry and Candice 2015 montage. Oh wait, I'm not going to elaborate about Essena's quitting social media because she thinks it is fake. This is not about her. It's about ME. ME. 

FYI, Essena, social media is awesome and I guess thanks to you, it occurs to me that tonight, I feel inspired to record more videos, edit them and upload them into YouTube. I created my YouTube account since 2008 for uploading dancing videos purpose. Mind you, I'm still dancing, but I'm not going to upload dancing videos anymore alright.

I really really love recording videos, capturing moments and editing them by highlighting the good parts (and the ugly parts because I'm REAL). Therefore, I decide to record my moments and upload them monthly into my YT account starting 2016. No harm, right?

And maybe, just maybe, if I can bring myself together, I would upload a video of a book review/haul?


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