What am I doing with my life?

Next week would be my final exam for this third semester. I'm currently at home, relishing my moments here (this is supposed to be study week but I'm not contributing anything related to the word 'study'). My 25-year-old sister is going to get hitched on my 21st birthday. ugh. Why on my birthday? (It does sound like I'm getting butthurt for being single while my sister is getting married on my 21st birthday, right? haha). 

I'm studying tesol. I'm studying linguistics. I'm studying literature. I even managed to do some (another) acting this semester. The schedule was packed. Even though I must concede that I skipped few classes and screwed the tests, I actually love the subjects. I love the fact that I'm analyzing poetry about death, the narratorial intervention in short stories and yeah even linguistic thingy. I don't care what they say, I still love the subjects. If you don't like the subjects, just keep your mouth shut.  

and I designed this poster :p
During LeLAC (an English camp organized by USM TESOLians)

 I discovered my new passion for photographing, recording videos and editing. I enjoyed being a part of St John's family where I got the opportunity to design posters. At first, I realized that my design was kind of ... bizarre (I guess?), but then again, I was just trying to experiment, discover and explore various styles. And I loved every moment of it. Now that I own a camera, I decide to optimize the usage by joining any event that required me to capture moments. And it was worth it. 

But um, after becoming a part of LeLAC's multimedia department for 2nd time, I gave up. Being a part of the team was amazing, but I'm done. I'm the kind of person who respects ideas, sharing and contributions from other people. When people compliment our group work product, I would tend to say, "Yes, this is HER idea, awesome right?". I would give credits to people who deserve it. But then I realize, they don't really acknowledge my contribution. Even when it was my idea in the first place, I feel unappreciated when my team member does not even bother to mention it. Yeap, I know it sounds like I'm craving for attention/credits but of course not. Don't you think that every person who works hard deserves at least an appreciation/recognition, right? 

Then I remember that not everyone has the same mindset as I am. We're just simply different.

And I'm still wandering. And wondering. What am I going to do with my life? I want to teach English, (yes, I'm on my way) but at the same time I want to do freelance. I want to inspire. I want to spread the beauty of Islam. I want to discover new things. I want to write stories. I want to travel and write about it in a journal. I want to capture moments. I want to create arts. I want to contribute my presence into world peace. I want to be an editor, designer and writer. I want to publish my own magazine. And the list goes on and on.

What am I doing with my life? I'm living in the moments, wondering and wandering but let's just say I'm not lost because I'm still on my way.

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