Whenever my mom goes for vacation with my father, she would come home with tons of souvenirs. I have an older sister and a younger sister, so, she would buy similar clothes for us with distinct patterns. Their (my sisters) outfits' patterns would ALWAYS be the normal, ordinary, simple looking ones which is completely different from mine. Last time, my mom went to Hatyai and bought us pants. Their pants' colours are black and brown with flower, artsy patterns respectively. Mine? HAHA. You bet. It's a COLOURFUL, RAINBOW-ISH pants. Very vibrant. I also remember that she also bought me a pair of Bob-Marley-ish-colours pants which is very very colourful.

Me: Mom, why do you always buy me some very colourful, odd looking pants?

Mom: In Hatyai, when I went to shop for souvenirs, I came across the colourful pants that you're wearing now. But I didn't buy it yet. I went to survey other souvenirs in somewhere else. But then I remembered you. A flash of your face occurred to me when I thought about the pants. Hence, I walked all the way back to the shop that sold the pants which was quite far. I was willing to walk that far because I thought about you.

Me: *speechless (then find out that mom did not really answer my question)

Guess my style is just simply unique and different. Thanks, mom.

She bought this Bob Marley ish pants at Pasar Payang, Kuala Terengganu.

oh right, maybe I might as well share a little bit of my photos in Perhentian Island. I've reached 20 years old, but I've never been to that island even though a car ride to the jetty takes only 7 minutes from my home. Hah. So I went there with my girls friends, a sister and a cousin last year during our semester break.


Here's a video of us in Perhentian Island. Due to copyrighted issue, you can only watch it through your laptop, not smartphones :(

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