Wildest Dream


Who doesn't want to travel? 

As I was scrolling my Instagram feed, I saw few school friends who are currently studying overseas posting a bunch of photos. I don't have to explain what kinds of photos they post, right? You know the drill. Snow. Exquisite panorama. Foreigner friends. Historical monuments. Delicacies. 

I love seeing those photos. There's no slightest envious feeling arouse in me honestly. Mainly because I never truly dream of studying overseas. I did apply to study TESL in New Zealand, expecting straight A's would ease the application (I didn't apply other scholarships because they did not offer my preference course), but uh, I didn't get the offer. Alhamdulillah, because I believe Allah's plan is always better than mine. For some reasons, I rather dream of travelling overseas rather than studying.

I'm not choosy. I don't dream of going to Paris, because even a trip to Hatyai would excite me. It's a perk of NOT simply being able to travel outside of Malaysia (because I can't afford it or I'm not trying hard enough to grasp the opportunity) makes me appreciate the value and the moments of being in places away from home. 

If I have a lot of cash right now, I'll plan a journey to somewhere (nope, won't tell you) or maybe I won't plan, I'll just go instead. This feeling of wanderlust is overwhelming. I feel like travelling, wandering on my own. I know as a woman, I should be accompanied whenever I'm off to somewhere, but um, I rather be on my own. I don't want to talk with anyone. I don't want to entertain you. I don't want to listen to your complaint about how uncomfortable the toilet in the cheap hotel. I just want to walk for miles, drinking in the view (pffff I'm influenced by the poem by Robert Frost called Stopping By the Woods), sipping in the nonchalant atmosphere, getting lost in the moment of chaos and indulging the cultures. I feel like I'm missing out a lot of things by not travelling and leaving my comfort zone. Yeap, I'm 20 and young but I should start planning, right?

Perhaps one day, I could look back on this day when I wrote this post, and reflected that I used to have this wildest dream of going to travel somewhere. Then I would breathe a sigh of satisfaction because I made it happen. insyaAllah. 

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A. said...

haha sama laa. malas jgk nak berjalan dgn org lain kalau asyik nak kena dengar complaint itu ini. baik sorang2 -..-