I'm sitting in a sofa in Hamzah Sendut Library (I know the name is quite captivating, right?), currently writing a lesson plan for micro teaching. My team were supposed to present it yesterday, and only God knows how many times I told them, we're going to present it tomorrow so let's get ready (and I know they're not the kinds who love procrastinating). But they're so busy and kept denying me and telling me that our presentation would be next week. Okay, fine.

But then, it happened that yesterday was our turn. I sighed. We didn't prepare. Not even the slightest bit. In my mind, I couldn't resist thinking and saying (mentally) "I TOLD YOU SO, WHY WOULDN'T YOU LISTEN TO ME?". So we ended up lending our ears to the lecturer's wrath (it's an exaggeration hehh). And I'm so tired of going to that class, sitting right in the front of the lecturer (can't help it, I love sitting at the front, because .................... I sort of have sound trouble and my attention span is pretty short) and bearing the mental torture as she keeps getting mad at me for some reasons in these two weeks.

So, the solution is.................... tomorrow we're going to do the presentation. Great. Let's do this in less than 3 days. I'm a pro at being a procrastinator, so last minute thing is my thing. HAHA. I even admitted (Man, I was so honest) to the lecturer that I love doing tasks in last minute because it's more efficient, and I push myself to limits (haha).

Tons of assignments demand to be completed and submitted this week. After this hectic week, I'll breatheeeeeee~

Whoopss wait. Final exams are coming soon. Slowly but surely.

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