#10 Your Views On Drugs and Alcohol

I am supposed to prepare a slideshow for my presentation. Suddenly, I have this urge to update my blog. Oh please, it's been a long time since I get this 'adrenaline' to write. I've read 5 novels in 2 months (which is a lot, considering my schedule) and don't really get a chance to write. Oh right, I am studying TESOL, but trust me, I'm not even learning much about reading and writing English. I have more Malay subjects (and lectures) compared to the English ones (literature and autonomy) for this semester. The subjects are quite new and refreshing to me. 

Drugs. Alcohol. Wait. This is crazy, last night I dreamed about................. alcohol. I remember holding the bottles of alcoholic drinks. Dang. What kind of dream is that? Perhaps it is the side effect of watching too much western movies and videos. My guilty pleasure. Ugh. 

Drugs and alcohol are too mainstream in this century and there's nothing to be proud of it. Worse, it is proven through those headlines and TV news. They are prohibited (at least in my religion) but people do it all the time (duh). I must admit that I don't have friends who do drugs or drinks alcohol (who knows, they might do it secretly, except those who think it's what 'cool kids' do). Normally, I just listened to hearsay and rumours telling that so-and-so got caught red-handed trading drugs. Not to mention, there's this so-and-so is so used to go to club, get drunk and all that. 

The first word that crossed my mind upon reading the article about this teenager abused drugs was - escapism. Drug is a form of escapism because it provides this pure form of ecstasy. They even possess this slang names which advertise quirky, happiness kind of images (I've read about it in Seventeen magazine, vaguely remember the names though, one of them was - Rainbow). I don't believe in doing drugs and getting drunk as a way to escape from the reality (where it hurts) because I am smart enough to opt for other various ways of escapism. Ha. Even Jenn Im (fashion vlogger) stated firmly in her video that the presence of alcoholic drinks in the midst of having fun with her friends was not significant (neither encouraged). In other words, they don't need to get drunk in order to enjoy the night together. She shows a good example, I guess. 

It's really devastating you know, coming across this post in Facebook where few teenagers were reported dead due to drug overdoses in the middle of partying in a music festival. How I wish we all can realize the importance of not taking our lives for granted. The beauty of being alive. The beauty of being the chosen ones to live in this world. The beauty of  being able to beribadah kepadaNya. Nikmat Iman. Remember, Allah entrusted us with this body (our body is not even ours to begin with) and we will be questioned on how we really take care of this amanah. 

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