#12 Things You Want To Say To An Ex.

For the record, I don't have an ex-boyfriend (if that's what this kind of ex is supposed to represent), hence, I'm going to put on a mask, step into a persona's mind and narrate a poem.

I wish I could rip your heart out,
I wish I could make you cry alone in the dark,
I wish I could leave you stranded,
I wish I could push you off the cliff into the cold water,
Because only then you know how cold your heart is.

I wish I didn't fall for your dreamy, innocent eyes,
I wish I didn't surrender to your sugary lies,
I wish I didn't dance along your twisted symphony,
I wish I didn't sing with my heart out to your deceitful melody,
But then again, you don't need to ask everyone to figure out I did.

My mind keeps telling me that I have million reasons to let me depart,
My heart keeps insisting me that this one reason would never break us apart,
You're worth one in a million, I thought, so I listened to my heart.

I wish you would stay,
I wish you would never leave me for some other girl on that day,
I wish you would hold onto me without objection,
I wish you would accept my flaws and imperfections,
But then again, you were merely seeking me to occupy your desire satisfaction.

I wish I could crush you into tears so hard you can barely breathe.

Inspired by Cassadee Pope's I Wish I Could Break Your Heart. 


author nad said...

girlllll this can totally be lyrics for a good song!

Syahirah Ruslan said...

Hahaha thanks :D

Then maybe I should try songwriting... again.

Aha Nazuha Mohd said...

hey girl is that is for me? haha

Syahirah Ruslan said...

Fana, what is that supposed to mean?