Fana, Me.

Honestly, we don't call ourselves as BFF. Ego, maybe? Haha. But, heaven yeah, we're GOOD FRIENDS. We've been friends since we were like, 8 (or 9, perhaps), so right now we're 16. So, it's been MANY years that we've became friends. So, I guess you understand me if I'm being ANNOYING. And I truly understand you if you're being somebody that people around you don't like, but, honestly, I don't mind. Like, SERIOUSLY. You can be whoever you wanna be as long as it's you. So, after many YEARS, I managed to bring myself to feeling comfy being next to you no matter how you act. Haha.

So, I bet we've been keeping too MUCH memories including HAPPY, SAD, TEARS, LAUGH, HURT. And I know I'm being MEAN to you. I know. I made you feel HURT inside. And I know. And because of my IGNORANCE, you must have been feeling slightly hating me for how I acted. So, I AM TRULY SORRY. I know it's hurt, but, I don't know how to turn back time and change! I AM SORRY. Forgive me. Only then, I will forgive you as well. Haha.

So, this 7 Feb, you'll leave TMS and leaving me as well. You know what, right now, I feel as if I don't have REASON to go to school. Yeah my 1st REASON is to learn, of course. But, right now, with your absence, I'm feeling a bit EMPTY, you know. I have no idea to whom should I fold my problems to. (But, wait, till I've got a CRUSH, then, I'll have a reason to go to school, lol. haha. Just kidding, hey). Still, thanks to Shezat and Qu, I still have them as good friends. Hah.

And yeah, I'm wishing you good luck. I know it has been your dream to stay at hostel. So, I WANT you to get rid all those problems that make you STRESSED OUT. Be safe, be healthy, be happy. Catch your dream. Go study, but, don't push yourself too hard. Do anything that you LOVE.

Thank You for:
  • Being a huge part of my life
  • Praying for my success (I know you are. haha)
  • Willing to listen to any words that came outta my mouth
  • Never make me feel like an idiot
  • Solving my problems (I guess)
  • Helping me (haha)
  • Willing to go with the flow when I started to being too BOSSY (I'm sorry)
  • Last but not least, for being my friend.

p/s: I HEART you. A lot. (;


dekhaamohd said...

SAYA TERHARU!! SAYA RASA -untuk sayakah?- tp walau apa pun.. SAYA SUKAAAA!! saya pun mengharap yg sama juga!!

pana.. huahuahaua

Demona said...

ya, untuk awak lah. Haha. Time kaseh.