16 wishes

Hah. I won't forget this moment. It's not on my BIRTHDAY, but, it's for my BIRTHDAY (plus, the farewell party as well)

Haha. Covering my eyes using a tie, heh? (Credit: Lynn)

Yummy! (Credit: Lynn)

It's 7 February 2011. It's my BIRTHDAY, peeps! Haha. No biggie, lah. But, well I AM FINALLY 16. Idk why, but becoming SWEET SIXTEEN is like a best thing. Hilary Duff even sings a song called SWEET SIXTEEN. Even in few American movies, most of the girls planned their sixteenth birthday few years before they reached 16! It sounds as if being 16 is a sweet thing. And their party for their sixteenth birthday is always the BEST party, ever. Whoa. Well, it was super awesome anyway that I got an unexpected birthday celebration from my friends on my sixteenth birthday, lol.

Okay. So, my 16 wish list. I'm not desperate. But, I just wish my 16 wishes will someday be granted. Haha. So, HERE WE GO:

1. Straight A's for SPM

2. TESL. That's my 'PATH'.

3. Someday, I'll achieve my ambition, yeah.

4. I've been longing for my OWN laptop. No more mom's lappy. I want DELL. the PINK one.

5. New DRESS.

6. Supra Skytop? Or Nike Dunks (I saw this on is STEP UP 3)

7. Bungee Jumping, whoa! I saw this one in a Korean movie, and fell in love since then.

8. Dare myself to DANCE in some public places.

9. Meet B2ST, including HYUN SEUNG. And I wanna say "
당신을 좋아해요" (copy in Google Translate, lol) to Hyun Seung. Hahaha. And I wanna give him the SWEETEST smile, ask for AUTOGRAPH and show my (poor) dancing skill to him.

10. Meet Demi Lovato in person and tells her how beautiful she is and I love her no matter what. And now, I wanna listen to her new single. Where are you Demi?

11. Getting lotta SUBSCRIBERS in YouTube. I'll try to post more vids, ok?

12. Eat TIRAMISU. I heard this cake is a mix of cake and ICE CREAM. For real? Please, somebody get me a tiramisu!

13. Telling I LOVE YOU to ALL the people I love. (but, now, I can't, because of my EGO. Huh)

14. Travellin to those places like, Australia (I wanna enjoy some games), Italy (I heart pasta) and the MAIN one is Mecca.

15. Take any DANCING class. Uhm. HIP HOP., TANGO, maybe?

16. MY SIXTEENTH wish on my sixteen birthday is...........my biggest DREAM. And there's no way I'm telling you. Haha. I'm keeping this to myself.

okay. These are wishes. And I'll try to make it happen. I'll try. Okay? btw, Thanks for lotta BIRTHDAY wishes. I feel blessed. Hah. Zahir, yo, thx for STEP UP 3. haha. It's AWESOME, you know. Diera, Thx a lot for the little necklace with a GUITAR locket on it. It's cool, seriously! btw, both of you had brought me to those things that I LOVE, you know like, DANCING, GUITAR, MUSIC. Whoaa. It is connected. Hah.

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