Hard Time

And I'm stressed out. I'm tired of thinking about this little thing. And yeah, I do really got some pimples on my forehead.

So, my solution is, I have to keep my patience till it's LIMITLESS. So yeah, my patience is limitless. No limitation. I can keep my patience. But, yeah, I'm easily get PISSED. Don't test me.

I don't want to become a selfish person, hoping that my friends around me would try to take care of my fragile HEART, but, I would try to put it back instead. Sometime, I don't really want to think it all about me. (Like I usually do, I do realize that people never mind to think of me, yo)

You, People, please change. (I'm also telling this to myself)

  • You can't expect that every single person mind to care for you and stop telling you the things you don't wanna hear...,
  • Instead, you should listen to others, being HAPPY for others and thinking that someday that HAPPY moment of yours will finally arrive. But, not now. Someday, it will.
  • If you think that your problem is damn huge and it is totally upsetting you, PLEASE DO THINK AGAIN. I'm worse, you know. I would NEVER forget the times I got rejected from those people. Crying alone in the dark. Keeping problems that I swear that I would NEVER tell others. It hurts. It's been years, and it still hurts. I've been in those situation where people telling me STUPID (in study), UGLY (compared to other girl) and 'LEMBIK' (in sport). And it feels like those words are still new. I would NEVER forget those words, but at the very least, I try to stand and resist those words. I would try to let go those bad comment.
So, I'll try to learn to let go. There's something big that I have to achieve instead of crying over those little things. And, I finally learn something, friends hurt me, friends let me down, friends make me feel stupid, but yeah, friends are also the CURE.

p/s: Yes, I AM ALONE. I don't really have friends to stick with me. But, yeah, I really do have GOOD FRIENDS. True friends who stay by my side, though.


Tengku Nurathifi Tengku Amdan said...

i feel the same way too .. =(

dekhaamohd said...

oii kamu jgn sedeyh2 laaa kalau rindu kat akus pun... hahahaha!

WanNur said...

Fifi: Really? That's alrite, it's not just u, lah. We all face the hard time~

Fana: Eh. bile mase aku ckp sal kau? uish. aku tgh ade prob nie. tekann weh.