What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Hello there,

I'm on my 5th week of 5th semester. Life's good. I've always had this hunch that if I tell my plan/goal to my friends, I might just somehow not going to be able to hit that goal. Jinx? I don't know. But I'm a person who holds to her words (at least I'm trying to). I'm not going to say things that I'm not going to do. Because ones who keep saying they're going to do this and that and then ending up not doing anything about it are my pet peeves. Mann, if you can't do it, don't throw your words carelessly saying that you're going to do it. Heh.

Today I'm just going to share my progress, I guess. No matter how skinny my friends think I am, I don't feel skinny nor fat. I embrace my body. The thing is, my family members label me as somewhat fat. Yeah I'm the tallest (among the girls) and my figure is quite huge compared to them. But I'm sick of them telling me I'm fat whenever I took a selfie, exposing my chubby cheeks. Sure, I have the biggest appetite, but well my height is 162 cm and they barely reach 160 cm. Of course I need more energy aka carbo. I don't want to go back to being skinny when I was 12 when my height was 160 cm and my weight was .... 39 kg (I'm 50 kg now). Heck no. I suppose they're not going to stop saying I'm fat until I lose 10 kg (which I won't unless I suffer from some illness or depression). So yeah, I stop feeding them with my attention. In other words, they can say what they want, but I'm too busy trying to impress myself by breaking my own records.

This semester, I took Latin dance class and swimming clinic to fill up my free time. I have to attend the dance class twice a week and swimming lesson once a week. So if I'm not dancing, I'll be doing Pilates. If I'm not swimming, I'll be hitting my running shoes. I used to walk (literally just WALK) around USM at least twice a week on previous semester. I'm proud of myself because now I can feel my progress of being able to jog + run + walk around USM now. At first it was a torture to jog uphill (if you've been to USM, you'll probably know how the route is like), but yesterday, for the first time, I could feel the progress of my body based on how long I could sustain the 'pain'. Now, everyday, I would always anticipate to end my day by working out just so I could indulge the blissful feeling of the first sip of water, night shower and the first bite of my dinner afterwards. 

I just want to feel stronger and healthier each day. Say no to being lazy bum. Haha. Keep your mouth shut and JUST DO IT.    

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