Everything Is Blue

My favourite sight. This photo was captured by me at Windmills, Perhentian island.

I'm exhausted. But I'm not complaining. I feel so happy to see the dancing (representing latin dance) and swimming (swim lesson) emojis at my timetable. Can't you see how excited I am by mere sight of the emojis?

And oh, in swimming lesson, I'm proud to say that in our slot, I'm the most advanced learner obviously because I know the basic of swimming (not the technique, though). I'm a kampung girl. My Ayah would take my siblings and I to swim at the sea, river and waterfall since we were practically toddlers. We learned how to swim naturally. We played around a lot, for sure. I would compete with my brothers on who-can-hold-the-breath-under-water-for-the-longest-time-win game. My big brother would show me how to act like a starfish underwater saying that in order to it, he has to apply one of the Physics principles (I didn't even begin to learn Physics back then). I remember letting my body float and let the river took me where it wants to. And I guess that's how I taught myself how to back float. Playing dead was my way of self-taught how to front float. So, entering this swimming lesson helps me a lot in learning the right technique. You know, those breast stroke thingy. All this time I just simply move my hands and legs however I want them to be as long as I float and able to move lol and that's what I called swimming. 

I guess that explains why I'm so attached to water activities, so much that I plan with my friends for annual trip to islands. Please don't be too alarmed with my sudden updates of my blog. haha. I just feel this urge to blog some random things. I have no idea why. pms kot.  

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