So I've spent hours editing the Cat Family Tree because I need to get it out of my head. There are so many of them and I've been counting them in my head. For some reasons, I need to see them all mapped out on a visual material. Haha. Hot Mama gave birth for the fourth time last week. The kittens are just so precious. All of them have different colours and patterns. Throughout this week, we've lost 4 kittens. I don't want to go detail about their deaths because well, it upsets me. And the fact that Xoro is not home for the first time today makes it worse. Where did you go, Xoro? He's not the type to wander around even for a day :(

I still remember back then, I was never a cat lover. They're cute and that's that. When I was sitting for final examination during my Science foundation year, a cat actually sat on my Physics paper when I went for toilet break. To be honest, I didn't have a single experience of lifting/hugging a cat. So when I saw the cat on my table, I freaked out. Everyone was too busy answering the questions to help me. So there I was, talking to the cat, begging it to leave me (my Physics paper, to be exact) alone. At that moment, I wished the guy behind me (who was a cat lover, I suppose) would bother to help me, but alas, nobody even gave a damn. But I can feel the stares from my friends of course. It was so embarrassing. God, cat was so troublesome, that's what I thought.

I don't know man, what about this beautiful creatures that got me attached. They can be sneaky, needy and all, but I'm stoked. My first love would always be Putih. Isn't it weird that the ones that you love would always ignore you, but the ones that you don't would be all over you? Putih does not really fond skinship, I guess. He always ignores me. Unlike Stubby, who would always follow me even when I told him to go away. He's too clingy haha

 One thing that I've noticed from Hot Mama was, during mealtime, she would let her children eat until they're full and only then she'll eat. She's a good mother. Why Hot Mama? There was an incident when she would shamelessly lie down and expose her belly in the middle of a garden party we held last year. My friends and I were chatting and laughing and all, suddenly she appeared with her jiggly, sexy body (post giving birth) and asked for belly rub from us. Then my sister called her Hot Mama.

 Well unlike regular household with cats as pets, they tend to let their pets enter their houses right? But in my case, my parents wouldn't allow that. Mom wouldn't be happy with cats fur on her carpets. Dad wouldn't even stand the mess. But whenever we were away from home, my mom would say things like, "Hmm what do the cats eat at home, now?". Haha she still cares. Whereas until now, my father would cook rice and fish to feed those cats. He's in charge of the feeding part and my sister and I are in charge of the playing part hehe

 Most of the cats in the photos are actually no longer alive. I'd like to think that they're somewhere nice and pleasant, you know something like heaven or paradise. These are my favourite photos that my sister and I managed to capture.

 I believe that there are reasons why God let them come into our home. They are Rasulullah SAW favourite animal after all. Plus I've read that it is actually sunnah to keep cats and insyaAllah by doing it, we are being rewarded. Don't you think it's a good news to every cat lover out there? 

 One of the moments that my sister would reminisce is when Cookie was suddenly giving birth. She was so young. My sister was trying so hard to deny the fact that Cookie was pregnant when her belly suddenly getting big. She wanted to believe that Cookie was just overeating. But no, she was totally pregnant! Well in 'human form', Cookie is like a pregnant 13-year-old girl haha. She was a baby to us. But then her children are lovely. Smoothie is such a cool, chill, cute baby and CooJun is very hyperactive and she has Cookie's eyes. 

They bring out the best inner traits in us. They've taught us compassion, patience and love. All in all, they're a part of our happines. Adopt a cat, now!

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