Rant, no?

Hello there,

I am no longer swimming in the pile of assignments. I am currently succumbing to a lot of uncertainties in the middle of watching tons of weekly Korean dramas and regretting those wasted times wishing I chose to read books instead of facing my laptop. But then watching complex Korean dramas is not a bad thing. My friend and I actually spend time whatsapp-ing to each other to discuss about the issues, characters, plot (and fangirling) of the dramas and movies. Yeah we do analyse them (especially when we're still having the so-called hangover effect after watching them). haha. 

There are so many books left unread on my shelves and I stuck with Jodi Picoult's Leaving Time because I forgot to mark the last page that I've read (I was so confident that I'll remember it by heart, but then I stopped reading it for a month, so... ). But sure, with 40 days ++ left for my semester break, I'll catch up on my reading. Whenever I wake up in the morning, I would face my bookshelves (literally), so the reminder to read books is inevitable. 

The most productive thing I've done so far might be ... editing poster. haha. I was offered to be a part of a graphic team of a society in USM called Kampus Sejahtera. They're all about going green and preserve the environment. I was in charge of multimedia thingy when I was in St. John and I guess, I still can't get over of it. Ohh did I tell you that I have 'graduated' from St. John? Two years sure fly fast! Right after I 'graduated' from St. John, the leader of the graphic team offered me to be a part of the team for the next semester. Then I just agreed because why not? Well, at least I can edit some posters during holiday! 

FYI, my camera suffered 'lens error' for the past few months. I've sent it to the Nikon's centre. And it might takes months. MONTHS. I've skipped May, June and July videos (I posted monthly videos in my YouTube channel) due to the 'lens error' condition of my camera. Now I have to wait months to get my camera back. Ugh. But um, considering the fact that my blog is so outdated, I might just write some #throwback posts inspired by the photos that I took using my camera. My writing skill is rusty, so let's do this!

I really really have nothing much to do and it's driving me crazy. Trust me, I'm actually anticipating the day when I'll be back at USM. Students life is just so lively compared to staying at home. Can't believe I just said that, but I did.

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