I've always known that Allah is the best listener. But I tend to express my happiness and sadness to His creations. And I'm so disappointed with them because they don't understand me. I make an effort to respond to their words and expressions (even my friend said that she was thankful that I always respond to her even when the others don't haha) but they don't even bother to respond to me. When they talk, even if they are interrupted, I would ask them to resume their story. But in my case, my story ended after they interrupt me with pointing out those distractions. God I'm tired of not being heard. I'm tired of making an effort when others don't. I'm tired of being told to speak slowly when I raise the volume. I'm tired of being told to smile and be more friendly. When I didn't speak, you told everyone that I forgot to bring my mouth. When I was so excited to tell stories and raised the volume of my voice, you acted like you were embarrassed of me because others could hear my words.

Maybe it's my fault after all. I might overlook my mistakes towards them. 

God, I've always known that you listen to me and understand me. You're the creator of my heart. You understand. There's no others.

Perhaps, silence is the best thing to do. Because in silence, I find solace. In silence, I confide to God.  

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