The Real

I just sent my power point presentation part to my course mate. It only took me an hour and half to finish it but I had been procrastinating it for days. Silly me. Grow up. Well, it's a mid-semester break, what do you expect? 

Every time I feel the urge to sigh or complaint as I'm completing my assignments, I would always remind myself that I'm loving what I'm doing. I keep saying to myself, "I've always wanted to learn linguistic" , "Learning animation aka flash SHOULD be interesting and I'm supposed to feel thrilled," and "Editing poster is my ultimate hobby,". Alhamdulillah. I should always remind myself to be grateful for this bliss. 

This is random but these days, I can't help to binge-watching THE REAL clips in YouTube. 

I recognize Jeannie as the lively, energetic host from How Do I Look? . I just admire her way of spreading positive vibes to the guests in the show. Then I saw Adrienne, a flash of The Cheetah Girls song occurred to me. Yes, that's simply because she was one the Cheetah Girls. She's a fierce, gorgeous Latina woman. Ugh she's so gorgeous I just can't describe it further. FYI, Tamera has a twin sister where both of them starred as Alex and Cam in Disney's Twitches. 

What I love about this talk show is that they're so genuine, witty and so ... REAL. Upon watching the clips, they make me feel like I'm prying into a group of girls who are having a deep conversation aka girls talk during a sleepover party. They share secrets, give advices, shed some tears and laugh out loud (duh). They're not afraid to be open to each other (and not to mention, the audience). Well, I've watched several talk shows, but The Real is the most realistic and relatable. They're practically sisters!

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