Hello there, it's been a while.

I'm approaching halfway of my semester, yeay! Mid-semester break is getting closer (next weekend, to be exact). 

So far, I've suffered designer's block few times (where I could stare into the Adobe Photoshop software for hours without getting any posters done), managed to ace 3 presentations in 2 weeks, learned new things about flash, recorded a lot of videos, captured a lot of photos, splurged in Converse clearance sale, ate Sushi King's Bento almost every week, goes for evening walk (6-8 km) at least twice a week and watched several live acoustic shows and theaters. 

There's something about the evening walk. I would normally start walking around 5.30 PM until 7 PM. I just walked and walked around USM, wandering aimlessly (nay, I set my target and direction mentally). There's something about walking on my own while listening to some music. I met random people. Then we said hello and talked randomly. But that's not the whole point. I'm actually training my self-confidence (walking alone and IDGAD what they think about me), endurance and sense of alertness. I used to train myself not to look people on the eyes and listen to the words uttered by strangers. I practiced 'ignorance' for years (for some reasons I can't tell you why). So, this might be the time that I can practise to acknowledge people around me (Sometime my friends are offended when they say 'Hi' but I don't respond because I don't notice them). And I love the serenity but I try not to let it goes my way. 

Unfortunately, I got hit by a motorcycle once when I was crossing the road. Thanks God it was just a minor bruise on my leg. It happened because I did not see nor hear the motorcycle behind me (I plugged my earphones, listening to Kehlani of course). I've learned my lesson. I'll try to be more careful/alert next time. 

Oh right, I know that March is about to come to an end, but here's a video to sum up my February. 

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