Blessing in a disguise?

I just got here (USM) after a morning flight. Something unexpected happened when I opened my door. I was not expecting a roommate because I knew she was in internship. So nope, not roommate. I expected the room to be empty.

When I opened the door, with my guitar, hanging on my shoulder, I saw 'THIS' right in front of my eyes. What the heck is that? I just wanted to rest. I was sweaty for crying out loud. Penang is real hot.

My first instinct was insisting me to cut down the whole hanging thing. But then I thought about the flying insects that might ambush me for destroying their so-called home. What if they sting me while I sleep. What if? What if? I was so stressed. There are hundreds of other windows, but why they (whatever they are) chose to be here. Why me?

While I was walking to the cafe to buy my lunch, I was thinking about why God put me through this. Why me? Why me? Then this thought came across my mind. I'm sure I've read it somewhere and it sounds like this: 

If you didn't complain and ask 'why me?' to God when it's you're the one who receives excellent grades, outstanding achievement and happiness, then do NOT feel disappointed and ask 'why me?' when you're feeling burdensome, sad and depressed while others don't. 

Then I heard a bird sounds. Then I saw this cute, yellow, little bird came out of it. It turned out to be a bird's nest. I sighed of relief. Alhamdulillah.

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