Grow Up

Gambar Hiasan. Haha. Taken on 2013. Ladies Nite. Me, wearing hanbok for the first time.

2013 is a year where I grow up the most. Okay, now, define grow up. Err. 

The truth is, 2013 is a year of adaptation, a year of emerging into a new world - a REAL world. School's over, meaning, 2013 is a year where I leave school and head towards something that'll determine my future. And that's intimidating, blurry and doubtful. 

So many unforgettable events happened. I tried to forget those ... but I can't. I remember how I caught myself being insecure driving on the road for unknown reasons. I remember how I discovered my new blooming interest towards sewing (since cooking is not my thingy.....just yet). I remember how PLKN had taught me so many things..... but I wouldn't want to go through it all again. Getting Straight A's in my SPM was totally a sweet victory. Rejecting MARA's offer.... for the sake of pursuing TESL in UiTM, only to soon realize that I was at a wrong place...and the right place (as He planned) is actually here, Kolej Mara Kulim. 

The beginning was real hard. However, All those tears, sweats were totally worth it... because I scored 4 flat for my mid sem 1. Alhamdulillah. Creating memories, good or bad, with my new friends here, and all that. Finally getting to learn Science with better, higher understanding. Getting 4 flat for my final sem 1 was so ............... unexpected (because I was not confident) but still, Alhamdulillah.......... without Him, I wouldn't be able to be here and develop my potential in subjects other than English. Which I just 2013. Realizing how my love towards music and dancing is still not fading, as I was the choreographer for our Broadway Team and I played guitar for Ladies Nite as well. My first trip to someplace other than in Malaysia was on 2013 as I went to Songkhla, Thailand (yeap..... my very FIRST trip). 


The distance. After years living under the same roof with my parents, 2013 is a turning point for me to start leaving home. Home feels temporary, suddenly. The distance that keeps us apart ... makes me realize how much I love my parents. And my family. They are home, to me. They always are. And I discovered how HOME is a FEELING. Not a place. (inspired by Cecelia Ahern's novel).

And I'm thankful. For EVERYTHING. For every LITTLE thing that triggers the happiness in me. Thank You 2013. Thank You, Allah for letting me to experience those things :)


author nad said...

a lotta cool things seems to happen to u this year. may 2014 be a better year. and congratulations for getting 4flat :)

Demona said...

Yeah. I hope 2014 is a better year for us! Thanks, Anis <3

Jane said...

Hey, at last, u wore the hanbok.. fit with u.. nice.. :)

Jane said...

hanbok! so nice.. :)

Demona said...

Thanks, Jane :D yeahhh.. finally ~