That encounters

   Call it a Deja Vu. Why today? Seriously. Out of 30 days when I was not home, why it occurs today when I'm home? Girl, Allah wants it to happen today.............. who are you to resist that fate? 


   This morning. I woke up. And went to the bathroom. Then I brushed my teeth while staring in the mirror. Eh. My gum's bleeding. Ugh. Then, Ambil Wudhu'. Wait. The atmosphere's weird. Eh. Whatever. Settle. Lets get outta here and pray. As I touched the door's knob .... I noticed something uncanny. Unfamiliar. I turned right. I looked down. Oookayyy. What is that thing? That black, silky, stick at the wall, behind the sink's 'leg' (?). O Allah. That's........................................................a snake. 

   Then I got out of that bathroom and stood anxiously in front of my mother. I hesitated. I pulled myself together and said, "Mak, ada benda pelik dalam bilik air...." 

   BENDA PELIK? Seriously, girl, seriously? Haha. Then I just went into my room. And I heard my Ayah attempted to get rid of it as that bathroom is right next to my bedroom. The thoughts of that 'thing' consumed me. That sight was unforgettable. It was horrifying (well, at least for me). That situation reminded me to my first encounter with a snake in a bathroom (rumah lama) when I was like, 5, when I stepped into the bathroom, that snake 'freaked out' and almost gonna 'bite' my feet but thanks God my reflex was utterly quick so I ran into my parents' room. 

   This time. That snake just remain still. It didn't 'freak out' or throwing a tantrum (?). I was like, brushing my teeth right in front of it. Thanks God it didn't panic due to my presence. 

My lesson for today is. NOTICE THINGS. Please, girl, be more observant. 


L said...

Pergh. berani gilaaaa. ular la benda menjalar paling menakutkan kot :3

Demona said...

Mne ade berani..... lepas kejadian tu.. jd paranoid... sblum msuk blik air tu.. observe betul2... tkut ade lagi.. ugh. Malam tu x boleh tido... huhu..