It began with a flier. I really love reading fliers on the information boards (for no exact purpose, sometime) and then I came across the one that mentioned about a trip to Songkhla, Thailand for charity purpose - giving helping hands to Muslim community in Songkhla. That sounded just right. I love travelling and I've always wanted to try volunteering. Here we go! 

This is what they prepared for us. Yum!


This is where they taught us how to count until 3 in Thai! We all had a good laugh.

What do you expect? Tom Yam, of course.

We ride TukTuk in Thailand, fyi :D It was a fun, breezy ride!

Feast your eyes, girls ;)

Can you guess what did she sell?

Yeap. coconut ICE CREAM, it is. Delicious. And we got that artsy container for FREE! 

SECOND round. they're irresistible, I tell you. I tried Choc and it was good :D

Me and Ina :)

Our last day. Goodbye, Thailand. 
I would love to volunteer and travel again. Way to go!

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author nad said...

that ice cream looks delicious!