Come Back Again

Wirawati Negara :)

Wow. It's been a long time since I last blogging. Keeping my blog as private for almost 2 months was meant to declare my absence for carrying out my duty to attend national service (PLKN). That's it.

So..........................I'm back!

PLKN was .... horrendous. Hey. Just kidding. (well it was, at first :p) Okay. Let me first start with spreading the objective of PLKN:
If you're Malaysian, I guarantee you can fully understand those objectives. Heh. But if you're somehow doubt the true meaning of those objectives, you know what they say "Google is your best friend". Done. 

What I can say about my Kem PLKN: Cancun Park, Pasir Mas, Kelantan is I was lucky enough to be placed there compared to other camps. Why? Because it only took 1 hour for my Ayah to drive his car to visit me. Hehe. Nahhhh. It's not just because of that, lah. This camp is quite well-known for its high disciplined. And it also stresses the most significant part in our life, which is - religion. 

Syahirah Ruslan (me) and Syahera Rosli (her). Haha.

Nadiah. Me. Alia. I'm glad we're in the same group in the class ;)

 Time is money. Indeed. It's crucial to be punctual (It's rhyme, lol). In my case, I really hate being late and wasting time is so.............NOT my thing. At home, when it only involves myself, yes, I must confess that I tend to waste time a lot by watching korean dramas, facebook-ing, listening to music and so on. But I have this sense of urgency where I don't like making people wait for me and I detest the feel of being the last person who arrives at certain occasions/events. Fyi, the rule here is quite simple: If one person makes mistake, the rest will also have to bear the punishments. *Sigh

Teddy Bear and Lija. Teddy Bear? Yeahh... she's CUTE like a teddy bear. Hehe.

One thing I discovered about myself is I love being independent. I really do. It feels great to be aware of the fact that I can count on myself. I'm not trying to brag or whatsoever, but I managed to wake up approximately 5 am EVERY morning (with Kak Long's help and by myself). It is considered my dorm. Since I hate being late, especially to the Surau, I take a deep breath and walk alone at 5.30 am to the Surau.

What a beautiful coincidence. This is the KEY of my locker. 0702 is the number of that key (obviously). 0702 is equal to 7 FEBRUARY, right? Hey, it's my BIRTHDAY! Wow.

Lia and Jiha. Beautiful ~

Nina and Me. Smile ~

Friendship. I'm not easily attached to other people but at some points, I can be very friendly. I can be very talkative, sometime. It depends. I don't have much friends, but  each friend possesses the meaningful value to me.In my point of view, in friendship, quality is way more important than quantity. Hey there, friends, thanks for the memories. Good or bad, they've become memories. As usual, first impression is always wrong. Haha. Don't judge a book by its cover, okay? There's always something more behind those cover. Everybody's wearing a masquerade (or you can call it image) to create impressive first impression but hey, I'm glad we had built trust towards each other just so we could reveal the masquerade :)

Lija, Dayah, Kak Long, Qema, Eg, Lia, Jiha, Tihah, Syahera, Nadiah, Alia, Dilah, Ika, Fatin, Nurin, Kak Dayah, Ina, Teddy Bear, Syarifah, Tan Eu Reen, Fazira, Ramlah, Nina, Diana and Tirah.

Kak Long and Qema. Whoopss.... that's our dorm Bourgenvilla :D


RANDOM. I would never forget the pressure of being a director in performing an acting for 'Seloka'. Even though we didn't win, we had done our BEST, so, thanks, guys. I take that as a compliment when several peeps (including the teacher) thought I'm from a SMKA when I'm technically from SMK. You know what I mean, aren't you? I would never ever miss the endless roll call.............. it was so boring. Not to mention, the sirens! Ugh. And yeah, I would never forget the 'mini concert' in dorm orkid where I strummed the black guitar (Yaya's guitar) to the song 2NE1's I Don't Care. Teehee. Kak Long, I'm glad I have you as someone to look up to. We talked about so many things. You are so beautiful on the inside and outside. You have no idea how much I want to be a part of Usrah (at PLKN), but I can't because I have to further my study. Keep doing what you're doing, Kak Long! Yeah, I miss my bed (with pink sheets) and my locker!

PLKN. Thank you for teaching me the most remarkable thing which is - PATIENT.


AinNawwar said...

wahh. suddenly i feel jealous lah for not going. boo hoo.

Demona72 said...

yeah. You should. haha. dpat byk ilmu pegi plkn selain pengalaman ~

author nad said...

nasib baik pegi. dulu xnak haha

Demona72 said...

Haha. Anis. I x ckap pun plkn ni best.... lol.... tapi I'm glad I had a chance to be there... byk ilmu dpt.