Demi Lovato Inspired

I know this is random. I love this kind of dark, sophisticated fashion, by the way. And I love Demi Lovato. I'm sorry for neglecting this blog for 3 months. 

I'm too busy catching up my study. Writing the text for English Debate. Losing the Bahasa Melayu Debate in semi-final. Writing '10 Things I Want To Do If I'm a Celebrity' essay for this competition. I lost my appetite due to stress. Worst of all, now, right now, my tonsil is swollen. Sore throat. Flu. They all come together. Tomorrow is the English Debate's competition. Tonight is our practice. I feel like...............................

I'll update you later. 

p/s: I bought these 2 pairs of cute flat shoes with only RM50! Hehe. 

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