This Is It

It's been months. I know. SPM is getting nearer.

I have to be honest. I haven't prepared anything for the upcoming exam. There are so many topics that I don't really understand. It's blurry. Still. What's wrong with me?

I don't want to study for the sake of exam. I want to study for the sake of myself. Knowledge, it is.

So yeah. I don't want to be left out. I gotta start now. It's not too late. 

  • FACEBOOK ( Gahhhh, it's so obvious)
  • INTERNET ( YouTube, AllKpop and stuff)
  • Kpop's Obsession ( EXOBEAST4MINUTE .... >.< )
  • Mom's Laptop and iPad ( Hands off, now)
  • My Handphone ( Sources of music, actually. I'm not into messages and all that)
  • Myself ( I have this virus called LAZY. )

I definitely cannot avoid these distractions, of course. But HEY, I can minimize them! Let's strive for success and perfection. This exam will determine my future. It is the TICKET to the doorway of my dreams. U go girl !

With this, BYE BYE, Blog.

Peace, y'all ., MERAH rocks the world!

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