Unbroken - Demi Lovato 

Heyy Demi, I'm borrowing your album title for my blog, is it okay with you? Orang Melayu kata, diam tanda setuju. So, I consider it as yes. Teheee

So yeahhhh., I bought her album accidentally, mainly because I wasn't planned to buy that one at first. Somehow, I was tempted. Her sorrow eyes pleaded me to buy it instead of just holding it for few seconds. Yes, I thought for a while. Then I found my HyunSeung and Hyuna (Trouble Maker) album. Since that album shows several pics of HyunSeung and Hyuna sitting next to Champagne bottles, I rather not buying that one. I have to buy this one. I have to. Then I grabbed Demi Lovato's album to the counter and fished out the money from my bag. 

On our way back home, I decided to play the CD. Despite the fact that I'm the only one who wants to listen to it. The thing was, ALL of the songs in her album is already in my phone, but who cares? My little sister and brother hummed to the melody, though. My parents kept it cool. 

Today is Tuesday. Bad thing, I still haven't study properly. Exam is like, next Sunday. These days, I usually walk back and forth towards the living room (a comfy place where I study and snooze) and stare at those books. Yes, I love knowledge. Saya cintakan Ilmu. But, I'm having trouble with studying mainly because I don't feel like it. O Allah.  

I am trying to fix my intention in studying. I HAVE to be sincere. Everything I'm doing is because of Him. 

All I did was staring at the laptop, doing nothing, to be exact. How dare I neglect my NINE BOYFRIENDS? I'm so frustrated at myself for failing in controlling myself. Haish. Wish me luck. I'm taking SPM this year. Big deal. 

btw, Taylor Lautner says (in Seventeen Mag), "If you aim nothing, then you'll hit nothing"