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I am so sorry because this blog is no longer a priority for this semester. Heck, my last entry was on February. That was ancient! 

I got caught up with all of those endless courseworks. Yeah yeah, here we go again, my excuses. Hence, that explains why this blog is not a priority to me recently.

If you follow my instagram profile, you know how 'interesting' my course subject was. The subject is called PET 102: Oral Skill for TESOL students. If you are looking forward to pursue TESOL in USM, brace yourself! 

1st activity: Singing audition in public (public means in front of a restaurant where many passengers walk along) where we were divided into 4 teams.

2nd activity: Get into pairs and do whatever you want in public (acting, dancing, singing or whatever that comes into your mind in .... 15 minutes)

3rd activity: Voice modulation. Put on an animal's suit. Act like one. Sound like one. Speak like ... human, though. Create a storyline. Do it in public, of course.

4th activity: Write a monologue in a piece of paper within 2 minutes. Then be prepared to perform an impromptu monologue using .............. others' monologue. Ugh. Yes, in public.

5th activity: Recite a poem. Please wear appropriate and poem-related outfits. In public, for sure.

6th activity: 80s Musical Drama. 80s outfits, check. 80s dance, check. 80s song, check. We did it in a lecture hall and invite other students to watch our performance. Fuhh. We're glad it was over. 

7th activity: Children's theatre. Go to a primary school. Play English games (Drama puppets, choral speaking and cup song) with the standard 6 students. Very exhausting, I tell you. But it was FUN, indeed :)

And it's not over, yet. We have to write reflections for each activity >.< and compile everything in a hard bound.

Well, this subject is 100% coursework, so, no exam paper for us. Yeay!

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