#17 Things that make you scared


HA. I'm no Augustus Waters (The Fault In Our Stars). Oh well, Hazel said that oblivion is inevitable, hence, there's no point in getting myself scared of oblivion alright.

     The truth is, I'm scared of breaking my own principles. My friends acknowledge me as a person who's quite stubborn, who goes on her own way and who has unbreakable principles (based on what they write about me in my book before we departed). Unbreakable principle. HAHA. You know like, not singing nor dancing in front of huge number of spectators (which I kind of did...... but I promise it won't happen again), not sharing crushes with my friends (HAHA I'll give in to my friends, don't worry), practise what I preach, just to name a few.

     Breaking my own principles would hurt my pride even though nobody is aware of my principles, I'm really sure that God knows (of course). Honestly, I AM trying hard to hold on to one of my principles right now (doesn't necessarily be one of those being mentioned above). Wish me luck.

     I'm scared of screwing up my exams, snakes, clown, ghost movies, disappointing my parents, corpse, being late, driving, losing the people I love and expressing anger unintentionally.

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