#16 3 things you are proud of about your personality.

Disclaimer: I strongly do NOT promote narcissism. 

As I'm reading this '3 things you are proud of about your personality' all over again, then I realize that my personality has nothing to be proud of.

Why? Because I'm too shy on first meeting. I'm too quiet (that's what my teachers always thought). Then when I get too comfortable with someone, I cannot keep my mouth shut. Then I regret for saying too much about things perhaps I shouldn't. And I'm super awkward (while putting on resting b*tch face) around boys. 

Sometime, I think I'm a better version of myself when I'm all .. alone. 

Alright, I should pull myself together and be optimist because nobody likes hanging out with a worrywart. 

Good Listener - or at least that's what I think I am. I have this principle of listening attentively to someone when he or she is talking. Sometime I might cut in, but then I would ALWAYS ask them to continue their stories. That's why I'm proudly admit that I tend to remember simple, little details about my friends. (but I must confess that due to frequent plugging earphones into my ears, I kinda have sound trouble, lately >.< )

Honest -  I'm a terrible liar. I do lie, sometime (who doesn't, huh?) but I'm bad at keeping that lie to myself. If I'm not being honest, my conscience would mess with me, then I have to .... concede. I can't even act all nice around people that I can't really get along with. You can see it on my face. Haha now I'm unsure whether this is something that I should be proud of or not.

I do what I like, I don't care what other people think about me - Well sometime yeah, people perception towards us might be a cruel misconception because they don't really know us just yet. And yeah, sometime it gets on my nerves. Then I just simply let it slide because it does not matter. I don't have the 'luxury' to sit back, wallow in sadness and ponder about their perception towards me. So, I dress to impress myself, stay quiet when I don't feel like talking, boldly express my thought, take a stroll all alone while listening to music and laugh when I feel like it. I'm proud to be myself and do what makes me happy :)

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