#14 Something Disgusting You Do.

Here's my dirty little secret and I'm not going to act like I'm innocent whatsoever. I've read so many fictional books. Young adult. Adult. So encounters with sexual content are unavoidable. I know you do, too. 

Only this time, I feel compelled to read a LITERATURE novel............... within sexual content. Somehow, I feel disgusted because whoa, so the lecturer and students are actually reading it, aren't they? This is for educational purpose (for crying out loud). Hence, it feels so... wrong. Maybe I'm being naive. There is a assignment and a question related to this novel left to be answered during final exam. All in all, I have to read it. Ugh. 

No offense. But when the lecturer keep emphasizing the 'sexual adventure', and so forth, I feel kind of ..... disgusted. *sigh and continue to flip the pages of the novel 

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