#7 Your Opinion on Cheating on People.

The worst kind of cheating I ever did was during my college years where I discussed the answers of the quiz questions with my friends.

When my so-called friends showed signs that they rather be friends with others rather than me (treating as their second best), I would not cheat (in a backstabbing, badmouthing way). I ran. I rather be alone. That's what I always think. Loyalty is important for me. Come on, if I'm willing to accept your weaknesses, listening to your rambling, coaxing you when you're crying because you were badly homesick, why couldn't you.... stick with me too? I just wanted you to be there. Then you started saying you like being with that other friend (rather than me). Okay. I got your point. I valued your point. So I began to walk on my own. Then finally I had found the right friends. Thank you. Everything happened for a reason. 

People who cheat are the kind of people who don't have principles. I hate that kind of people the most. The kind who couldn't practice what they preach. The kind who couldn't decide which grass is greener as they walk on a field, leaving the green grass because they're afraid they might find greener grass ahead their journey (if you know what I mean). 

I've came across that kind of people. The truth is, they're very very pathetic. Insert a little bit of insecurities. Mix in a spoonful of selfishness. Lacking a sense of empathy for sure. But they're just human. Cheating demands consequences of course. They have to bear the guilt and remorse until they're truly forgiven.   

But still, cheating is a choice, not a mistake. 

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Taengoo Yeon said...

I like that kind personalty of you cuz I'm lacking it T_T