#6 The Person You Like and Why You Like Them.

I know 'them' refers to more than one person. I'm going to do this: She + He = Them

It's not math. I love my family and friends, and I do NOT need to explain why I love them. Enough said. I'm going to dedicate this entry to my TWO, long-term best friends. I wouldn't mention their names for some reasons. 

You know who you are. Eh. 

It was a roller coaster ride. We've known each other since we were both 8. We argued, a lot. Come on, we were in primary school for crying out loud. We were young, but I didn't think we fought over silly, little things. Because we both had this 'mental synchronization' (like 'love is an open door' song). We were both very sensitive. Or in other words, 'mudah terasa'. We hurt each other with our careless words. We were both had this ego that even Everest mountain can't handle. Then you must have been wondering, why do I like this girl? Oh well, her Barbie doll was the first Barbie doll that I ever played with. She didn't mind about my frequent visit to her home. We tend to have this unstoppable deep conversation about life. She's a bright student yet very down-to-earth. She reminds me to Allah. She's been through difficult, tough times and somehow she's still strong. Girl, I can feel your pain because we're both actually going through similar things and we could only comfort each other through whatsapp messages and .......................... our weapons, Doa. And I love her because of Allah :*

I've known him since we're 7. And I still have no idea why he wants to be my friend, because back then, I always so reckless and evil and mean towards him (my primary school memories were not very pleasant haha). And he's very nice. Oh right, his worst record was (as far as I could remember) he caused a girl, friend of mine cried. When we were 9 (I guess), we sat next to each other and we always played this ridiculous game that I created (haha) and just because I liked using his pencil, I asked him to give it to me as my birthday present (Oh wow, where's my manners?). Then we started exchanging birthday presents every year even when we went to different secondary schools. One of the reasons why I like him is because he ..... stays (Tay Swift's Stay Stay Stay song always remind me to him). All of those presents and letters and kad Raya and messages proved that he stays even when the distance separated us. He works hard to achieve what he aims. He somehow believes in me and my potential. And he's the nicest guy I ever known.

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