I don't know what went wrong. 

More than a year ago, I promised to myself I won't volunteer to become a facilitator because the orientation was horrendous (I loathed every second of it) and I certainly had no slightest idea why the seniors volunteered to do so. Seeing them getting pissed off over immature action of us, newbies, rushing to ensure us being punctual and screaming at the top of their lungs whenever we refused to ...... eat supper. 

Ironically, when my close friend called me asking me to accompany her to become a facilitator for our juniors, I SAID YES. I realized I had over 4 months of holiday after my final and now I'm waiting for my interview's result in order to pursue my degree this September. 4 months is way too long. I'm not even working to occupy my free time. So yeah, perhaps meeting my friends (I miss them so much) was not a bad idea. Maybe trying something that I least expected would be great too. 


Something happened. Unexpected things. It was not actually that bad. It turned out I loved it. Of course, some unpleasant things did occur, life's not a bed of roses, they say but those things only added some 'flavour' and moments left to be remembered. 

I'm not being dramatic whatsoever, but for some reason, I enjoyed reminiscing our moments as college students. Honestly, I don't like school and having to be there for ELEVEN years simply made it worse. I don't miss school, much. But being a college student even just for a year, I miss it like crazy. I still can't get over it. Now I sound like a girl being dumped by her first love (not that I've been in that situation, though). 

Reflection. Yes. I just discovered my ... weakness. Back then, I used to be outspoken. At some points, I realize how quiet I got now that I'm growing up. My mind and my tongue are not in 'good terms' now that I've reached nineteen. I think about so many things, but my words fail to express those. I stutter, stammer, and then I concealed them with smiles. I don't feel like talking, I just wanna be alone, sink my teeth into my favourite books. Oh right, yes, I went to the library, to read novels during free time and I regretted not bringing any books. Wow, I'm a total nerd. 

Oh well, hello there. 

Alright, let's get the flashback started. 

I expected us, girls facilitators would have to stay in dorms. Then, it turned out we had to stay in a ... house. It is quite isolated and really, really far, I must say, and we have to walk on ascending (which would burn our calories, a lot, thank you) road, without looking to our right or left because both views would be .... boys dormitories. Ugh.


Worse, on our second night staying there, we ran out of WATER.Yeah. No water. That morning, we woke up at 4.30am, walked together in the dark, relying on our phones for lights, and went to the girls' dorms to take showers. Whoa. 

Good things happened. We moved out to sick bay. Hey, it's quite heaven-like. It's air-conditioned (wait, I don't like it), comfy, nearer (less walking) and somehow brought us closer. I miss our girls talk. Gushing about crushes, fashion update, dreams, future and so much more. 

Girls and boys.

I remember stressed out on our first day conducting the orientation because there were so many unoccupied slots and I was one of activity committee members. I felt so hopeless. We managed to overcome those by other facilitators' helps (Thanksss) and brainstorming ideas for upcoming activities. *relief sigh

Too many dance (and I loved it) routine, but I'm glad we all could make it.

The juniors. And 3 facilitators pretending to be them.

Oh right, the juniors. I expected they were going to be intimidating, typical juniors whatsoever (based on my experience with juniors) but they're actually really well-mannered, outgoing and we could get along really well. We shared lots of stories, experience and laughs. 

Our post-mortems every night were quite ... interesting. We had a good laugh. We frowned over tense situation. A little bit of sharing went on. During our last post-mortem, we played games and when they decided to play Uno, I backed out, resting my sleepy eyes by leaning onto the sofa (it was around 1 am, I guess), listening to Latch by Disclosure and wishing time would freeze because I didn't want to go home tomorrow.  

Them. The one of a kind facilitators.

It's our last day, I decided to walk all by myself to meet my teachers. They wished me good luck. I'm glad they supported my decision to pursue TESOL. Because some people, they just don't get it. I'm thankful for being able to be one of their lucky students :)

Goodbye. Then I went for a ride in the bus alone, with lingering memories of them (my facilitators friends, teachers, juniors and my former college atmosphere).

Thanks, everyone for the memories. 


hazirah said...

Well said wan nur

Izz said...

i love you more than you love that college XD

Syahirah Ruslan said...

Thanks Hazirah <3

Syahirah Ruslan said...

You're giving me a toothache! Sweeeeet sgt ni. Hehe.

feeq said...

Yay wnnur! Kdg kne kuar dri cmfort zone utk dpt pnglmn bru.. Tq sbb lps.bca entry ni sero nk tulis blog mula wlpun xthu nk tulis gpo. Hihi :) tc

Syahirah Ruslan said...

True. Mmg slalu kte kt dri sndri... "leave ur comfort zone", "take risks", etc. Keep blogging! Bile dh ade idea, trus tlis, dont wait :D

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