Time flies. It's been months I'm here. Heh. Mid Sem exam's over. Now, we're striving for final sem exam. It's getting closer. Sometime, I hate myself for relaxing too much. Sometime I'm annoyed at myself for being too panic (especially when I fail to complete my homework). That's me. Typical me. When my roommates are burning the midnight oil, studying, and all that, I simply decide to sleep early. I love doing my own thing. I love having a night walk from surau to koop to hostel. I enjoy the music along my way. I enjoy having myself as my own company. But hey, socialize is also my thing, duh. Well, let's just say, I'm well-balanced. I need friends to rely on and I need my own space to stand up on my own. 

The thing is, I'm happy and contented to be here, Kolej Mara Kulim. Of course, studying chemistry, biology and physics is challenging ........ MOST of the time. That's what you get when you don't have a dream of becoming a pharmacist, doctor or engineering. Haa.
But, it feels right. To be here. To be a part of this programme. Pra-USM programme. We're like.... an 'experiment' you know. Yeap. We're the FIRST batch (pioneer). *grin

I'm still struggling, yeah... quizzes still caught me off guard. Blame me for not being ready and studying consistently.. well.. let's just conclude that I should improve that part. 

Alhamdulillah. I'm good. Struggling. But I'll survive. If Allah wills it :)

So.............. What's been happening lately? Here we go :D

Heh. You know what's happening right? Last year, it was frog. This time it's mice ~

I'm officially a blood donor! I'm not trying to show off or what.. but yeah... it feels good to donate some blood :)

This. Is. Unexpected. For someone who doesn't even like Science. This. Is Whoa. Alhamdulillah :')
7 is my lucky number oh yeah :D I'm hoping for the best this forthcoming final sem ~


Can you spot the Royal Balcony? Yeap. It's where the Jalur Gemilang is. 

That's it. For now. I gotta a little bit of study and a little bit of watching movies.. Heeeeee.

Salam :)


me said...

Subhanallah I saw 4.0 there.....
Congratz! :D

Demona72 said...

Thanks :)